Full HD Capabilities

Sound Pure Studios has multiple HD video cameras capable of high resolution output (in color or black and white). We have the ability to produce video that is sync’d to your audio production, or shot completely independent from your audio production. Our crew has captured hundreds of hours of footage in many different scenarios.  We can adapt to your needs using our Sony PMW-EX1R HD Camera or we can even do a multi-camera shoot utilizing up to four great HD cameras for your project.

  • Multiple HD video cameras including Sony PMW-EX1R
  • Several lighting kits
  • Green Screen
  • Sennheiser SKM 100-835 Wireless Mics
  • Sennheiser SK 100 G3 Lavalier Mics
  • SennheiserMKH 416-P48U3 Shotgun Mic
  • Multiple spaces available or shoot on location

Whether you are a musician looking for a great new music video, a large corporation in need of training videos for new employees or a small business owner trying to gain more visibility online, Sound Pure Studios can work with you to create an effective video that suits your needs.

Sound Pure Studios is equipped to shoot on location. Whether you want a music video outside of the studio, or your company needs a training video for new employees, we can transport our equipment to another site and capture the footage you need. We even have a portable green screen for your convenience.

Sound Pure Studios has a 10' x 20' green screen with lighting kits. Our green screen is portable, so we can either take it on location to fit your needs, or we can use it in our acoustically treated studio.