Digital Video Editing

Full-HD Video & Multimedia Editing:

In addition to editing the videos that we shoot here, in-house, we can also edit video footage or audio that was independently captured. In fact, any digital media that you wish to compile to create your finished video—whether photographs, video footage, logos, audio (effects, voiceovers, or music), computer screenshots of software in action, websites, etc.—can be combined here at Sound Pure in one of our editing suites at a fraction of the cost compared to other studios with similar capabilities. We can help make your complete video project ready for publishing and turn it into a reality.


Sound Pure has the software needed for high quality screen captures. We are equipped to create on screen demos of websites or other software for you. We can then incorporate them into a video, embed them on your website, or deliver the raw file to you.

Each workstation utilizes the following software:

  • Final Cut Studio – includes:
    • Final Cut 7
    • Motion 4
    • Soundtrack Pro 3
    • Color 1.5
    • Compressor 3.5
    • DVD Studio Pro 4
  • Pro Tools 9
  • iShowU HD Pro