Film Scoring, Sound Effects, Overdubs, and Voiceovers

Film Scoring, Sound Effects: In additional to tracking music, we can also record sound effects, and sync’d music for film. The same principles of studio design and state-of-the-art tools apply equally well whether we are recording sound effects, orchestra, or rock, or whether the work is for CD, MP3, or Film/Video/TV. We have worked on music and sounds for hit TV shows with multi-million viewers, and will do our best to accommodate your needs, whatever they may be.

Overdubs and Voiceovers: Looking to do some small tracking of voice, or other instruments where you simply cannot compromise on sound quality, and want to put it in the hands of one of the finest sounding studios on the East Coast, then consider Sound Pure no matter how big or small your studio needs might be. While we are capable of handling large full-scale productions, we also can handle small overdubs, voiceovers, etc. at an extremely reasonable price, all the while still managing to utilize the extraordinary acoustics and equipment available to you at Sound Pure Studios.